Focus Cat - Cotton Candy Butter


Focus Cat - Cotton Candy Butter

Welcome the first super soft and buttery tie-dye T-shirt to the badknees lineup. This focus cat is printed on a thin/papery thin 50/50 T-shirt. It definitely has that lived in feel. Badknees does not offer a softer shirt. If you don’t like a papery thin shirt, this one isn’t for you. 

If you prefer a heavier 100% cotton tie-dye, check out other tie-dye cats in the lineup. The 100% cotton tie dye shirts are more vibrant in color and not as fitted. 

Also, these are tie-dye so they all look a bit different. The 50/50 blend is a more muted tie-dye where colors melt together. The color in the 100% tie dye Ts pop more. 


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