Funky Focus Cat Prints - Mystery Color!


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Funky Focus Cat Prints - Mystery Color!

 When one prints a focus cat, one often has a mishap or one likes to have fun and play around with inks or technique. When that happens, those prints end up in the Funky Focus Cat collection, a hodgepodge of focus cats of different colors and textures that are difficult to sell on the internet because they're all a little different. Maybe the ink is a bit heavy or light or off center in a certain area. Maybe one of the ears is slightly faint or missing. Maybe there is a little ink stain on a corner. Or maybe it is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

If you buy a Funky Focus Cat, you don't really know what color you're getting. You can leave a note with your order with some shades you prefer, but there is no guarantee you will get that shade. But you can try.

Trimmed 12X17. Shipped flat in 13x18 heavy rigid mailer.