BadkneesTees golf tees


badkneesT(ee)s are the newest golf product on the market that are guaranteed to improve your game. Not only will you be longer with your driver, but you will be straighter as well. If you're not happy with the results simply let us know and we will not refund your money. we will though, write you a painstakingly beautiful apology letter on our old smith-corona and get that to you in the mail ASAP.

How do these tees work?


As you stab the tee into the ground, pay attention to what letters in "badkneests" you can see on the shaft. Once you find the right tee height, never set it up too high or low ever again.

we're not totally sure how it works, but it does.

are these tees strong?

silly question.

these tees are crafted from some of the finest birchwood around. we think north american birchwood, but we can't be totally sure. we are not arborists over here at badknees.

are 11 tees all I get?

No. That'd be ridiculous. You get 11 tees, 2 plastic ball markers, 1 poker chip ball marker (while they last) and a classic badkneesTs button to attach to your favorite golfing hat.

do these ship fast?

if you consider 3-4 days fast, then yes!

go ahead and get yourself a pack. make everyone at your next outing jealous over everything about your golf game.

Materials: birchwood

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