badknees Sticker and Letter Club (SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE! 12 STICKERS FOR $12)


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badknees Sticker and Letter Club 

Welcome to the badknees Sticker and Letter Club! This is a new experiment in 2024 and we will see if it is a disaster or a success! We think it will be a success and should go smoothly. And we think you, who are most likely interested in stickers and letters, will like this very much. Read over the options and then scroll down for even more FAQs about this new club. First stickers and letters will start arriving mid to late February.



OPTION 1: Make a one-time purchase and receive 1 sticker and 1 letter in the mail for 6 months or 12 months. You will be charged either $12 or $24 depending on the option you go with. Great for people who don't like subscriptions or want to get a gift for a friend!

OPTION 2 (The more exciting option): Subscribe to our 6 month or 12 month plan and receive 1 sticker and 1 letter in the mail for that amount of time. You will qualify for some great discounts with this option - either $9 for 6 months or $12 for 12 months! You will be automatically charged when your subscription runs out. 



How does it work?

You add the badknees Sticker and Letter Club to your cart (choose between a 6 month plan or 12 month plan), you pay for it all up front whether you make a one time purchase or subscribe, and you will receive a sticker and letter in the mail once a month from us, badknees!

What kind of sticker? 

It will be a brand new sticker not yet in the badknees collection made of the finest, durable vinyl and most excellent adhesive.

What will be on the sticker? 

We don't even know but it is most likely going to include a variety of animals or plants or humans or positive messages and maybe a combination of all of that stuff. Maybe it will be none of those things and that is what makes the badknees Sticker and Letter Club so exciting.

What will be in this letter? 

You will probably get some updates on all things badknees or maybe some general observations about "life" and "what is life?" and maybe you will get short story or novel excerpts, or maybe just collages. There will be no poetry as we are not ready to write poetry just yet. Sorry. 

What day of the month will it arrive?

We don't know. We hope to be very well organized like we hope to be very well organized every day - but you know how days are. Just fear not. You will receive a letter and a brand new sticker at some point during the month, hopefully right when you are needing them or wanting them. That would be just great. Some days you will probably get it and it will feel like a surprise, like, what is this? Did I buy this? And then when you open it you will realize you joined the badknees Sticker and Letter Club that one time you were on the internet. And maybe, just maybe, you will feel a subtle jolt of joy and excitement. A little gift once a month. 

Will I be able to cancel my membership easily or will this be like canceling my internet or phone service which can often be a nightmare?

This should be easy to access your account and cancel at any time. After some testing we have found a customer portal you can access after making a purchase. We are new to this subscription platform and are learning as we go but you can always email if you have questions about your subscription. We will help you!

Will I be automatically charged when my subscription is up for renewal? 

Yes, you will. If you sign up for a 6 month plan, you will be billed 6 months from the day you signed up. If you signed up for a 12 month plan, you will be charged 12 months from the day you signed up. Because this is a new club, the you will get an automatic discount on your second payment. See details when choosing between a 6 month and 12 month plan. 

Will this be a one-of-a-kind sticker, like an exclusive sticker that only club members get?

Yes, sort of. We will order enough stickers to cover Club orders for the month and some extras in case there are issues with mail. We'll sell any remainders in our shop at a more extraordinary price. If the world absolutely falls in love with the sticker after they see you with it and demands more, we will perhaps cater their request and produce the sticker in a different color scheme. There is a chance we might also turn a sticker club design into a t-shirt design for the world if it makes sense and feels right. 

Is there a t-shirt club?

No, there isn’t, though we have had the thought for a while. We are hoping operating this Sticker and Letter Club once a month will help us decide if a t-shirt club is a good idea.