badknees T-shirt - MYSTERY COLOR (ONLY $7)


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badknees T-shirt - MYSTERY COLOR (ONLY $7)

Choose a size and be surprised!

badknees printed in a variety of colors on a variety of t-shirt colors. You have no say in the matter. You will just get a new shirt with badknees printed across the chest. All shirts are unisex. Some are 100% cotton and some are blends. Some are more fitted Ts some are boxier. If you're on the fence, probably go with the larger size. No size charts included with mystery Ts. 

Again, you will be  surprised. You have no say in the matter. You just get a badknees shirt.

ALSO If you order multiple of one size, you might get the same exact color, so don't be disappointed! We will choose different colors if we have them, but no guarantees. Most of these badknees shirts are extras from custom jobs we print and sometimes we end up with an excess of certain sizes, so we turn those into mystery Ts.

If we don't have your size currently, check back regularly. Mystery Ts go quick!