badknees Embroidered Patch


badknees Embroidered Patch

Put badknees on whatever you can imagine. Sew it on something or iron it on something. 

This is a 5 x 1 inch 50% embroidered patch. Glue on back of patch extends to the outer edges.

We recommend ironing it for 30-60 seconds, depending on material. On samples, we used a piece of parchment paper between iron and patch, iron set on high As it is cooling, we recommend pressing down on edges. If edges are not sticking, apply more pressure around edges with iron. 

If heat pressing, we set our hat press to 350 degrees, use a foam protector and medium pressure for 55 seconds. 

We don't recommend heat pressing winter knit hats. It will melt/flatten the hat. Definitely sew patches on winter hats.