Hoosier Teachers for Jennifer McCormick T-shirt


Hoosier Teachers for Jennifer McCormick T-shirt

All a little t-shirt company can do in this very red state of Indiana is try. So this is us trying. We're offering a reasonably priced t-shirt for you to wear to support Jennifer McCormick's run for governor of Indiana. Perhaps if the teachers are fired up and the republican teachers don't vote straight-ticket republican and select a governor that stands for public education, some good change could come. Maybe? Hopefully!

Half of the proceeds of each shirt ($7.50) will go to Jennifer McCormick. The other half will go to the cost of goods and me paying my awesome staff for helping make these things. It looks like her campaign is offering some merch. If that is more up your alley, go for it. Or just make a donation! We also have a Hoosiers for Jennifer McCormick T-shirt if you're interested in that. 

These shirts are not eligible for any badknees discounts. All my other teacher gear is 20% off with code REDFORED. 

White print on a heather red (red 4 ed!) unisex 50/50 blend T-shirt and heather blue  (vote blue and go Colts!) unisex 50/50 blend T-shirt. 4XL shirts will be printed on a 100% cotton unisex T-shirt. Mockups are not to scale but image will be 10.5 inches tall. 

Also, did you know I, badknees Jim, met Jennifer McCormick when she was Superintendent of Public Education?!? I was nervous, but during that big and amazing teacher rally, I saw her in the statehouse with her team. I approached her just to say thanks for supporting public education. She was very nice and said that she "loved badknees." So that was awesome. I have a picture somewhere of us. I'll try to find it and post it later.