John Prine Harper Lee t shirt
John Prine Harper Lee t shirt
John Prine Harper Lee T shirt
John Prine Harper Lee t shirt

John Prine Harper Lee t shirt

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John Prine Harper Lee t shirt - 

this is a prayer for a shirt. read harper lee listen to john prine be a good human being.

a prayer for a shirt is just what you need. it's just what your friends need. it's just what your family needs. it's just what all those strangers who walk by you on the street need. all of them and all of us who don't ever stop to say "hello in there" or anything at all. maybe this shirt will be a reminder. some advice. a prayer.

this is printed on an American Apparel (PLEASE SEE NOT BELOW) tri-blend grey T with blue water-based ink. Perfect to pair with some old, ripped blue jeans, or if you're like Scout, an old pair of overalls that drive Aunt Alexandra crazy. perfect for those lazy weekends when you dust off your old copy of Bruised Orange and listen to "Sabu visits the Twin Cities Alone" over and over again, singing in unison with the best songwriter ever. And of course you listen to all of these songs loud, just like Atticus Finch. I forget what chapter it is, definitely towards the end when Heck Tate is questioning Scout about the attack, where Atticus admits to always listening to his radio too loud. I always got a kick out of that when he confesses this.

so go ahead and get yourself one or two. and then pass the message on, or even better, share this link.

if you're interested in the tote bag for $16, find a separate link for that on my shop page. Or find the link where you can get a T-shirt and tote combo!

*******PLEASE TAKE NOTE********
American Apparel went bankrupt and I'm not really sure what will happen with the company. I've always printed these Ts on American Apparel, but with the bankruptcy, the shirts available from my supplier are very spotty. Because of this, I'm going to be printing these on Tultex ti-blend Ts. It's also super soft! I just want to give you a heads up that you might not receive an American Apparal T.

All DBL XL and TRIPLE XL sizes will come in a TULTEX tri-blended heather grey.

Materials: triblend,waterbased ink