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Indiana Red For Ed button  - Support Public Schools | badkneesTs

Indiana Red For Ed button - Support Public Schools

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Support Public Schools in Indiana button + magnet by badkneesTs in Bloomington, Indiana

Here is one for all of the hoosier teachers and supporters of hoosier teachers. printed on red to support the #redfored movement that badknees is hoping spreads to the hoosier state.

if you're a hoosier teacher, you probably haven't made much money in the last decade. if you have, that's amazing. do share your secrets! 

the state thinks $40k is too much for starting teachers. the state thinks paying to train teachers to shoot guns in classrooms and hallways is a good idea, and the president's son thinks we're brainwashing loser teachers. 

buy this and show your support for public education!


1.25 inch button and magnet