Eclipse T-Shirt - Color Changing Glasses! (Youth)

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Eclipse T-Shirt - Color Changing Glasses! (Youth)

Blue and yellow glasses with color changing lenses printed on a soft white Tultex unisex t-shirt.   

Color changing lenses? What do you mean?

When the shirt is not being hit with UV light, the lenses on the glasses have a clear appearance. When the shirt is hit with UV light, the lenses have a tinted grey appearance. The color change is most dramatic under bright sunlight. 

Also, this is badknees' first foray into printing color changing ink. We've done some experimenting with one wash test and the ink still changes color in sunlight. No idea how long the color changing will happen. We hope forever, but we cannot guarantee anything here. Video is our first test print, the best day of sun since we've made the real things. The picnic table picture is the shirt in a mostly overcast sky with the sun peaking through here and there.

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If you're not going to be in Bloomington on April 8, 2024, come on out. We'll be in a path of totality. Everyone is going to be here. Learn more about Bloomington events here.