MIDWIVES BUTTON / set of 6 / midwives drink coffee babies drink milk / babies / doula / childbirth / prenatal / postpartum / midwifery birth


badknees’ wife is a doula and works with quite a few midwives. this, along with quite a few requests from midwives around the country, inspired this button.

it’s coming on a T and tote soon!

if you’re a midwife and you like coffee, treat yourself.

if you know a midwife or had a midwife who loves her coffee, treat her!

this button is a 1.25 inch button. it’s little!

selling sets of 6 because it make sense in regards to shipping – $3.
badknees wouldn’t buy one button for $4.
badknees would buy 6 buttons for $8.
so that’s the deal!
Will also sell you 3 magnets +1 button for $5. …