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5 Stickers for $9

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5 sitckers for $9

Any five stickers in the badknees catalogue for just $9. 

Just be clear in your order notes how many of each sticker you want.  Make us a list!

Look at the list below and/or look here!

These are the stickers that are available:

Bloomington deer 

Bloomington Squirrel on a bird

Indianapolis Squirrel on a bird

Plain Squirrel on a bird

Focus Cat 

Human Being pride

John Prine Lyrics

Teachers want to teach support public schools


Indiana teachers want to teach

Support Public Schools CLING

Support Public Schools STICKER

Support Hoosier Teachers CLING

Support Hoosier Teachers STICKER

Indiana pride

bloomington pride

Teachers vs grizzlies

big badknees logo

I have badknees bumper sticker

Harper Lee John Prine

Focus Cow 

Bashing Teachers 

Future is in my classroom

Greg the Egg succession

Sails out nails out succession


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