badknees Tees - Carnival Mix Tee Pack


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badknees Tees - Carnival Mix Tee Pack

Hit the links with what some are calling the finest golf tees on the market. Made from solid USA birch, these 3 1/4 inch golf tees will give you the extra confidence off the tee you are looking for.

Not only do you get badknees printed on the Tee shaft to let you know just how far in the ground you should insert it, you also get the much needed message of focus printed in the cup of the tee. Read that message before you tee off. Then set your ball on the cup of the tee. (Some believe and say out loud to one another in certain situations that they believe the ball finds the fairway more often using a badknees tee because the ball and tee are communicating with one another. The tee whispers, “Focus,” to the ball, once the ball is placed on the cup of the tee, and the ball listens.)

Included in the tee pack:

10 golf tees in a variety of colors

2 ball markers with the old school badkneesTs logo

1 pin back button to attach to your golf hat or bag