Black Lives Matter

badknees supports all black lives and is listening and learning how to be a better advocate for racial justice. 

I know these issues are not new. I know they are rooted in centuries of systemic racism. I want to do more to show my support. 

badknees encourages you to check out this list of organizations and make a donation to one that speaks to you if you can. badknees encourages you to support black-owned businesses in your community. Hoosier should check out the following: 

Indianapolis Black-Owned Businesses 

Bloomington Black-Owned Businesses (Thanks IDS for the list!)

In addition to listening and educating myself, badknees is donating 100% of badknees BLM merchandise to various organizations that support the movement.

In June, badknees was able to donate $775 to Black Lives Matter.

As of February 1st, badknees has donated $595 to Black Lives Matter B-Town.

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