high school teacher, t-shirt maker, 3-kid raiser, all day long.
I teach English inside a high school in south central Indiana with very few windows. The cinder blocks are painted a white shade of white and for laminated posters to really adhere to the walls, glue gun glue works the best. Most teachers use lots of tape and all that tape does is take that white shade of white right off the walls, where underneath there is a beige shade of beige. I’m not sure what color is better, but what I am sure of is the walls need some dressing, so I dress my walls. I dress them well, ready-for-church/private school well.

Perhaps the most beloved dressing in my room hangs to the right of my clock. It is an image of a cow that with a glazed look on its face. Beneath it’s neck are the words FOCUS. It is simple advice for those Indiana juniors and seniors who love looking at that clock. It’s a simple reminder to think about your existence and stop wasting your time looking at the time. It’s a word I say regularly as I pace back and forth in my room as kids start fading. And that image is so good because that is not a look anyone wants on his/her face – glazed eyes, looking nowhere, alive but not alive.

So I put it on a t-shirt and started putting other images and words on some t-shirts. And then I found all sorts of old screen printing gear that needed some love. and then I started fixing it and getting orders for my stuff and then getting some custom orders for some fancier p

Still learning as I go. Still an amateur. Ready to figure out whatever it is you throw at me.

So go ahead and throw. Go ahead and get some badknees.

and if you need some background music while you surf chew on some JFBRONTOSAURUS. it is another badknees venture. it is badknees. it’s just called JFBRONTOSAURUS. you’ll find out why if you listen to every song ever recorded and memorize the lyrics and then sing the lyrics along with this songs. there are a lot of songs, though, so it might take you some years. if you prefer hard copies of JFBRONTOSAURUS, head on over to LAUREN RECORDS. you can find JFBRONTOSAURUS on the cassettes.